There are many benefits to massage therapy, including physical, emotional, and physiological improvements in the body. Massage therapy not only provides relaxation and relief to muscle strain and fatigue, a therapeutic massage may improve your health.



Sports Massage

Perfect for professional and amateur athletes, pre and post event work consists of specific massage techniques to invigorate muscles prior to strenuous activity and afterwards helping to return the muscles to their natural resting length. Other aspects of sports massage include remedial and therapeutic massage work.

Therapeutic Massage

Similar to Swedish massage but targeted more on releasing muscle stiffness and tension than relaxation. Commonly focuses on one specific part of the body in need of a deep treatment rather than the whole body. Very effective for loosening tight muscles.

Remedial Massage

Involves the use of a wide range of massage techniques, including, Positional Release Technique (PRT), Soft Tissue ARelease (STR) and Trigger Point Therapy (TrPT) to aid the muscles and soft tissues of the body to re-alighn and recover from injury.

Myofascial Techniques

Form of soft tissue therapy, softens and re-aligns the soft connective tissue which has become hardened, restricted and painful from overuse, stress or injury.

Trigger Point Therapy

Focuses on releasing knots of muscle and small areas of pain known as trigger points using applied pressure, also referred to as Neuromuscular Therapy.